Find Answers For Most Asked Questions

General Questions

How does having a bad online presence hurt me?

In short, YES. If people can't easily find your business or your offering on the web, you are loosing customers and SALES.

What is a digital marketing audit?

A digital marketing audit is a full evaluation of your businesses online presence. We evaluate your website, social media, social accounts, how well you rank in google, your SEO score. After we get a understanding of where you are, we create a road map to meeting your marketing goals.


What services would your recomend to start?

Our first recommendation would be start with re-doing or optimizing your website for your customer in mind. Which means make sure your website is mobile friendly/responsive, start building a top level marketing funnel to capture new leads, and making sure the content on it is still relevant. our Second recommendation would be to make sure your Search engine optimization is on point. The mix of a stellar website and a good SEO strategy is essential in todays marketing landscape.

Do you Offer Facebook and Google ad services?

Yes we do! Boosting your posts or targeting specific groups with content or promotions is a great way to drive sales for your small business. The only reason we would not recomend those services if that if it didn't fit your over all digital marketing plan.

How does Social Media help my business?

SM can help your business by reaching a your targeted audience. having a good Social media presence also helps you Search engine ranking, and make its easier for potential customers to find your business.


How much do you charge?

We are professionals at what we do so start our basic services at $100/hour. We structure our pricing hourly or when you need us, or on a month to month contract. Depending on what your business needs, we will craft a marketing budget to to suit your needs.